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Incorporated since 1991. A Design Inc. owns four US Patents; two licensed to the archery industry and two in the cutting tool industry. We have over 30 years of engineering experience in military defense-related industries, particularly naval nuclear instrumentation and armaments at Lockheed Martin.

A Design, Inc has designed and manufactured cutting tools and accessories for trimming composite materials for defense-related contracts.

– Solved major problems regarding the cutting of large laser glass slabs for a government project.
– Invented and provided prototypes for radiation-shielded syringe containers (PIGS) for transporting radioactive imaging drugs.
– Extensive knowledge of metals, plastics, and composites. – Experienced in machining, fabrication, deep drawing and electro-deposition.
– We can provide assistance in determining the feasibility and development of new products, patents and provide prototypes and models.
– Invented a novel lens called the "Allusion" which is sold by Feather Visions Inc.
– Some of our customers: Gentex Corporation, Tyco Healthcare (Mallinckrodt), Schott Laser Technologies, Feather Visions, MLCS Woodworking, Poly Hi Solidur, RMC Sports and Muzzy Products.


Warranty: - Two-year warranty on all parts, excluding the cutter.

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A Design, Inc.
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