How it Works:
As the bow is drawn back, the movement of the cables pull the Autorest's slide along the cable guard. The linkage lifts the arrow cradled in the Autorest's unique hook. When the main arm height adjusting srcew engages the stop plate, the rest is firmly in position. The arrow will not fall off the rest. When the arrow is released, the motion is reversed and after about 2 inches of arrow travel the rest will quickly drop out of the way, long before the fletching reaches it.
Download AVI file

These two video clips show how the Autorest works. 

The first clip are frames from a powder test showing the rest drop away when the arrow is released. 

The second shows in slow motion simulation how the rest actually picks up the arrow then drops away before the fletching reaches the rest. 

Powder Test 
207k avi file
Bow cycle video 
814k avi file 

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