Bow & Arrow Hunting

"At the top of its action the rest leaves plenty of room for the largest broadheads and widest vanes or feathers. There was no need to change the nocking point on the string."

"As the arrow is released, the rest drops down well out of the way of the arrow fletching." 

Scranton Times

"The new item-of the year award has to go to Joe Angeloni, of Peckville for his Autorest."

"The accuracy is unreal. I have seen more and more competition shooters using them including Kevin Jones from Lonesome Road Archery. This would be worth a last minute change because you would be shooting better in a matter of minutes."

"This rest has to be shot off to be appreciated. My shooting has improved immensely."

"You have to see this rest, you owe it to yourself."

Customer letters:
    I recently took the autorest for its first hunting experience, as you can see from the enclosed photo it was very successful. I am currently shooting an Easton PC 6.3 W/ 5" helical feathers, I have had no problems shooting perfectly straight bullet holes through paper and have been able to consistently keep it in the 9 ring or better at 30 yards w/ broadheads, Prior to the hunt I put the rest through some grueling practice sessions without any difficulty. 
    I drew on this tusker at 5' without any type of sound and shot him at approximately 12 yards with pinpoint accuracy. I am very pleased with the rests performance and would recommend it highly... Thanks to a great hunt. 
Kelly Strait 

"I found the product to be very well designed and incredibly well fabricated."

"I was having problems with rest contact using helical 4 inch fletching to Stabilize my broadheads because my bow shoots at 290 feet per second with a 400 grain arrow (64 pounds, approx. 6 grains/ pound draw weight). I was able to paper tune the bow in under a half hour, and shot bullet holes with my 349 acc's.

One of the advantages of the Autorest is the built in overdraw it provides, without the problems associated with wrist torque being magnified. I'm planning on moving to a 26 inch shaft (29 inch draw length) as a result, which will get me into the lightest 3355 Goldtips."

Bill Lev 

I was on a nine-day New Mexico hunt. It had rained in the AM and than a pretty steady dry wind the rest of the day. I was hunting by a wallow as the wind was drying things out and was hoping an elk would come in to get a drink. This 5x4 came in with only about an hour and a half left in the archery elk season. The wind swirled once and the elk must have gotten the scent of us as he whirled, but only back out about five yards; he was only about 25 yards away when he bugled. As he started toward the wallow I drew back, but with pine branches in the way I had no shot at this point. He turned and went to water and was facing us at only 20 yards. After what seemed like an eternity of holding the bow at full draw he finally turned broadside. I was shaking so bad from excitement and from being at full draw so long that my shot was not on the chest, but hit the femoral artery. He only went about 90-100 yards and laid down and expired shortly after that. This was my first elk and hope to be able to try again in the near future. The AUTO-REST worked great as there was no noise as I drew back and with as bad as I was shaking from excitement the arrow would have fallen off any other rest I'm sure. Thinking about getting an AUTO-REST for my other bow now too.

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