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Drop-Away Arrow Rest

...Makes All Other Rests Obsolete

This is not only an arrow rest...

It is a Shooting System.

The drop is synchronized 
with the cable movement
Every shot is consistent

Absolutely NO nock or fletching contact!

The AUTOREST includes the overdraw bracket, and a high performance roller slide.

These photos taken from the from of the front of the bow show the rest position before and after the arrow is released. 

These photos show the synchronous movement of linkage and cable 

The Autorest's Features:  

The Autorest's unique Vee groove hook design redefines the arrow rest. Just place the arrow into the trough and nock it. As you draw back the bow string, the hook picks up the arrow and sets it into position. The arrow will not fall off or through the rest.  If the arrow is bumped, it will fall back into place.

This design allows you to use any diameter arrow

There are no springs, nothing to reset. When released, the arrow rides the rest for about 2-3 inches of travel. Then the synchronous movement of the cables and the linkage drives the rest down and out of the way. 

Because the arrow rides the rest for only the front 2 or 3 inches of the arrow, where it is straight, the bending of the arrow that occurs in launching does not cause the arrow to deflect from its true path.

The Autorest cannot transmit the torquing effects of firing because there is no rest at that point at that time to interfere with the arrows path

It is not sensitive to torque because the rest is gone and there is no way to transmit the torque of the bow to the arrow.  With the rest out of the way, you can use any nock or fletching orientation, Shoot 3 vane, 4 vane right or left hand helix. 

The Autorest can be used on left or right hand bows.

Total weight of linkage and rest is approximately two ounces
How it works:
A brief description and animation. AVI movie clips to download.
If the Autorest does not perform as advertised, you may return it to A Design within 30 days for a refund of the purchase price.*
*Applies to online/phone purchases

Dealer inquiries welcome. 
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