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» GM1200A - The GuideMatic SP



    The GuideMatic concept was developed to address the problem of controlling the cutting action of small, portable, high speed rotary (Dremel type) power tools. With this attachment, one can accurately freehand plane straight lines while controlling the amount of material being removed without gouging. The supplied solid carbide cutter will cut any wood, wood composite, plastics, laminates and Corian. With optional cutters most metals and ceramics can be cut.
     The GuideMatic is the perfect accessory for your hand-held rotary tool. With the Straight-Line Guide you can now make controlled straight cuts up to ½ inch wide x 1/64 inch deep per pass in wood, wood composites, plastics, Formica and Corian. Also included in the kit is the Profiling Guide th at allows the user to use the tool like a power knife. With it you can gouge out openings, enlarge holes, follow curves. The unique geometry of the Profiling Guide allows the cutting depth to be varied from 0 to 1/32" deep simply by rotating the power tool relative to the workpiece.
     The GuideMatic produces shavings instead of fine dust and directs debris downward and away from the operator. The cutter is well shielded and difficult to damage or break.
     The GuideMatic allows you to perform operations that were previously impossible to do freehand. Do not compare its operation with those sanding discs.
     There is no available tool that can do what the GuideMatic does!

This kit contains:
     Straight Guide (aluminum)
     Profiling Guide (aluminum)
     Universal Nut
     Carbide Cutter

Warranty: Two year warranty on all parts, excluding the cutter.

$29.95 – Add to Cart

Front view: Straight Line Guide
Front view: Profiling Guide
Contents of the kit
» GM1300A - The GuideMatic attachment for the Foredom #8 handpiece
     Simply remove the sliding guard, install the supplied bit and clamp on the GuideMatic attachment. The kit includes the straight-line guide, profiling guide, clamp collar and a solid carbide cutter.

$39.00 – Please Contact us regarding sale inquiries.
Disassembled: Guidematic for Foredom #8 handpiece
Assembled: Guidematic for Foredom #8 handpiece
Close-up: Guidematic for Foredom #8 handpiece
Top view: Foredom Tool
» GM1500A Airplane - Pneumatic Planer
     The AirPlane is a new dimension in portable on-the-site planing and trimming wherever you have compressed air. The ½ horsepower AirPlane, with its ¼" diameter solid carbide spiral cutter rotating at 20,000 RPM, will plane up to 1" wide x 1/32" deep per pass very quickly and can be carried on your tool belt ready for instant use on wood, plywood, wood composites, plastics, laminates and Corian. Optional cutters are available for fiberglass and ceramic tile.
     Some uses include: Quick chamfering of edges on sheeting, decks and fences; trims scribe lines on cabinets; trims doors and banister installations; make and trim rabbits any depth up to 1" wide.
     The AirPlane is 7 ¼" long x 1 7/8" dia. and weighs only 1 lb. 10 oz. for easy one-hand operation.
     This tool requires 4 CFM @ 90 PSIG for continuous use.

$139.00 – Please Contact us regarding sale inquiries.
Front view: Guidematic for Airplane
Top view: Guidematic for Airplane
Scale: Guidematic for Airplane

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